How to Maintain Your Wood Floor?

Are you a wood flooring lover? Do you want to keep the quality of your floor for as long as possible? Discover in this article the best tips to successfully maintain your wood floor. This floor, by the way, can last you a good ten years unless it is made from high-end materials. Moreover, it has been treated to ensure that it remains intact over the years. So, without further ado, here are some tips on "how to maintain your wood floor?" 

Regular Cleaning with the Right Accessories

It is good to know that one of the worst enemies of a wooden surface is the accumulation of dirt. It can cause marks and scratches to appear on your wood flooring. To preserve the quality of your installation, it is, therefore, necessary to carry out regular maintenance on the latter. To do this, consider sweeping your floor at least once every two days. As for cleaning with a cleaner, it is advisable to proceed about once a month. It is essential to be careful with your products to clean a hardwood floor. For the simple reason that some products can considerably damage your floor and tarnish it. To remedy this, make sure you use a non-abrasive cleaner that will not mark or streak your floor.

 In addition, it is a product without residue. Therefore, it does not have any danger to your health and the environment. It is also essential not to pour the cleaner directly on your floor when cleaning. Instead, you will do better by spraying on the mop. Also, don't forget to vacuum at least once a week while taking care, and avoid using scrubbing brushes that can damage your wood floor. 

Avoid the Use of Certain Products 

While some products can restore the shine to a wood floor, some devices can damage it. To avoid a solution that could damage the quality of your floor, remember that we should not use oil-based detergents, wax, classic citrus cleaners, or 2-in-1 products on hardwood floors. It can cause significant wear and tear. Also, be careful because a wet or steaming mop can dull the finish and damage the wood because of the water or heat it produces.