Floor sanding in Auteuil 

Before starting about floor sanding in Auteuil, a little information about Auteuil is here just for knowledge. Auteuil is one of the sixteen boroughs in the city of Laval, Quebec. Popular with young families, the homes in this neighbourhood vary in style. Generally spacious and authentic, Auteuil inspires country living with the peace and quiet it offers its citizens. 

Not to mention the fact that most of its homes have a similar look to traditional country homes. In this Laval neighbourhood, the majority of residents use wood materials for their floors, stairs, etc. 

This phenomenon can be elaborate simply by the fact that this type of material is advantageous in several ways. Aesthetic, practical, and durable. It is similarly important to know that we can refurbish wood flooring over the years. But how? The answer in this article. 

What you should know about the Auteuil neighbourhood

In the north of the Ile Jésus, the Auteuil district is bounded by Montée des Lacasse to the west. Rivière du Nord to the north, Boulevard Sainte-Marie to the east. And Rang Saint-François and Avenue des Perron to the south. Duvernay, Vimont, and Sainte-Rose surround this area of the city of Laval

The majority of the residents of this borough are French-speaking. But Auteuil has a large English-speaking community with a total population of approximately 25,000 people. Generally made up of residential dwellings, Auteuil mainly comprises houses followed by a few condos and apartments. 

By the way, Houses vary from single family homes on multiple levels to row houses. But also, new developments ranging from bungalows to condominiums. Numerous bus routes also serve the neighbourhood. With the Boulevard des Laurentides as the main road axis of the neighbourhood and one of the most important in the municipality. 

Crossing the neighbourhood from north to south, with its eastern part surrounded by various businesses up to the intersection with Sainte-Rose Boulevard East, Auteuil is a neighbourhood conducive to a life of calm and tranquillity close to valuable daily services.