Specialist in Floor Laying and Installation in Laval and on the North Shore

There is the floor among the decorative elements that embellish a living space. Flooring undoubtedly offers an undeniable charm to your interior, but that’s not all. It also contributes significantly to your comfort in your home. If you have just invested in purchasing an apartment or a house that requires renovation, do not neglect the floor’s renovation. It is part of the list of important work for the future. 

Therefore, we strongly advise you to call a professional or specialist in floor laying and installation made according to the rules of art. The specialist “L’Artisan du plancher” is at your service if you are in the city of Laval and on the North Shore of Montreal, Quebec. Discover our services and take advantage of our expertise in the field! 

Before starting the actual work, it’s important to learn about a few things, such as the different types of flooring. Generally speaking, there are a few main flooring options or types of floors . Hardwood flooring is the most classic type, appreciable for its warmth and aesthetic appeal. In addition, their installation is generally on the first floor. 

Among the types of floors, we can also mention the laminate floor. Laminate flooring is a floor covering that looks like natural or real wood. However, it is made of wood fibre. There is also engineered flooring which is made of natural wood strips glued to a substrate of different nature, i.e. HDF, plywood or resinous wood...

 If you live in the Montreal zone and want to install new floors, do not hesitate to contact us . You can reach us for a flooring specialist or wood floor installation project. We can intervene, whether it is for the installation of a floating floor, a nailed floor, a nailed and glued floor simple or double gluing. Thus, do not hesitate to call the floor installation company for installation and repairing of any floor.