7 Techniques to Renovate a Hardwood Staircase

Do you wish to give your home a new look? Or simply restore your hardwood staircase to its original glory? You're absolutely right. Timeless and at the same time very practical, stairs made of natural materials like hardwood bring a unique and modern touch to your interior decoration. However, over time, your installation may lose its shine. Losing its shine does not necessarily work to your advantage. That's why it's a good idea to renovate a hardwood staircase. To carry out this project, discover seven techniques to renovate your hardwood staircase and restore it through these few lines: 

Choosing the Right Method

Prior to renovate a hardwood staircase, it is essential to choose the correct technique. Selecting the proper method will allow you to stay true to the concept and make the process a complete success. Resulting in an even more beautiful finish than the original. This first step is crucial, as it determines the outcome of your desire to renovate a hardwood staircase. 

Request a Renovation Permit 

Obtaining a renovation permit is just as important for a residential staircase renovation as it is for a commercial staircase. Before considering this type of work, there are Canadian safety standards to know and take into account to ensure the quality of the result. To do this, nothing could be simpler than to request a work permit from your municipality. They will inform you about the rules applied to restore your hardwood stairs. The standards in question concern the steps height, railing height, the width of the staircase, and many others.