Floor Oiling

The choice of finish for your wood floor determines its durability and appearance. With proper maintenance, wood floor oiling is one of the best solutions available, and it's easy to apply. Depending on the application, this technique allows you to have a matte or satin finish floor for many years. Wooden floor oiling also remarkably embellishes your interior decoration. We offer a floor oiling service to your solid wood that meets all your requirements.
Why Call on Our Company for the Oiling of Your Floor?

Using our service will benefit from many advantages after coating your floor. First and foremost, oiling your floor will restore your floor to its original condition and make your home more beautiful, but only if done by an expert. Floor oil is not film-forming. It really penetrates the fibres of each wood strip and guarantees a natural-looking finish. Because it has protective and hardening properties, it extends the floor's life and makes it more resistant.

  In addition, floor oiling is an eco-responsible choice. The method applies a non-greasy coating that penetrates deep into the wood. Even if the products offered on the market are modern and more efficient, this type of finishing has existed for centuries and is more ecological. Furthermore, the coating is actually a composition of natural, non-toxic oils. Consequently, it does not affect your health or the environment. 

The floor can breathe and is resistant to temperature changes thanks to oiling, making it more durable and robust. This solution allows you to avoid repetitive sanding and varnishing that can damage and weaken the slats as long as maintenance is done regularly. The intervention of a professional is essential to obtain the desired effects.