A beautiful floor finish in Laval and on the North Shore, the installation of floors is possible with L'Artisan du plancher, professional sandblaster for 3 generations.
Good reasons to varnish a floor

Varnishing a floor is a process that offers you the possibility to enjoy several advantages. First of all, you should know that to varnish a floor is a way to protect your floor that is economical, easy to maintain and especially resistant. The varnished floor is also the subject of an adapted finish to preserve as much as possible the quality of wood subject to several frequencies of passages. It is especially the case in corridors, living rooms, commercial premises etc. 

When properly maintained, the varnished finish can also resist water and moisture. However, we do not recommend varnished parquet floor for rooms with water or in permanent contact with water, such as bathrooms. This type of finish may prevent your wood from breathing and cause water stagnation and wear of the floor's protective film. As a disadvantage, it also brings to your attention that applying the varnish on a wooden floor does not have the same charms as a waxed or even oiled floor.