Floor Sanding in Île-Laval

For all your renovation projects in your home, floor sanding in Île-Laval is an effective and durable option. It is a technique that aims to restore the shine of old wood floors. Advantageous on many points, this practice offers you the possibility of saving on the work initially. Moreover, sanding a floor avoids purchasing and installing a brand new floor to replace the old one. Nevertheless, it is crucial to entrust its realization to true specialists to take full advantage of this technique. Browse for more information on this subject. 

Residential portrait of the Île-Laval district

The Île-Laval district is one of the boroughs of the city of Laval. It is an archipelago consists of four occupied islands: Île de Bigras, Île Pariseau, Île Verte and Île Ronde.  The island of Montreal, Ile Jésus and Ile Bizard especially surrounds this borough. The latter is the largest of all and also the most populated. The four islands are accessible by car and by bicycle via the bridge leading to Dupont Street to go to Laval. 

Île-Laval is home to 1,000 people, three-quarters of whom speak French as their mother tongue. That said, nearly one resident out of five is a native English speaker. Île-Laval has a population that is quite comfortable and proud of their land. For the sake of housing the area, single-family homes are gaining the most ground in this neighbourhood. Notably, two-thirds of these were built between the 1960s and 1980s.