Floor Staining Trends for the Year 2022

Are you planning to redecorate your home soon? Or want to give your wood floor a whole new look? You're right, especially since the floor staining trend in this area is constantly evolving. The trend is to stain your wood floor to give it back its original style for this new year. Aesthetic and accessible to all budgets, floor staining is a less expensive option and resistant to all types of weather. The question is which type of stain to choose for a modern and practical floor in 2022. This article provides an update on this topic. Follow us, so you don't miss anything. 

Modern colour for a beautiful floor

For this year, the trend is towards natural. The goal is to bring maximum warmth and coziness to your interior spaces. For example, suppose you choose to install hardwood flooring in your home. For floor staining, the ideal would be to go for earthy colours. Colours such as burnt orange, warm beiges or soothing greens like sage green will suit well. 

The idea is to recall the natural origin of the timeless wood material to highlight your interior style. They offer a sober, uncluttered and peaceful look to your flooring. Moreover, these fashionable stains are well worth their place on your floor. Black is also a highly recommended colour if you have a large area to add contrast and dimension. Its robust and piercing character blends perfectly with other brighter objects. It brings more elegance and personality to your rooms.