Floor Sanding in Laval West 

Carpet used to be everyone's favourite floor covering. However, it has harmful effects on health since this type of flooring quickly absorbs dust and dirt. In addition, it makes cleaning even more complicated. Floor sanding in Laval West is an effective and practical alternative to the carpet. The residents of Laval West have understood this and now only use wood floors. Aesthetically pleasing and practical, opting for wood flooring installation is the promise of a structure. Moreover, it will stand up to any challenge. Regarding durability, it is quite possible to refurbish this type of flooring in case of wear or other damage. This is called floor sanding in Laval West. 

A few words about the Laval West neighbourhood

Laval West is one of the sixteen boroughs of the City of Laval To the northeast, Fabreville bounds it, to the southeast by Saint-Dorothée, to the southwest by Laval-sur-le-Lac and the northwest by the Rivière-des-Mille-Îles. On the other side of the river is the town of Saint-Eustache, just across from Laval West. 

Around 1951, the municipality of the village of Plage Laval became the town of Laval-Ouest. It annexed part of the town of Sainte-Dorothée around 1962. This situation significantly contributed to the expansion of the territory of this borough before it became the City of Laval West in 1964. 

The district of Laval West is famous for its unique charm with its cluster of streets and avenues. More than 20,000 residents inhabit it. It leads to the Mille-Îles River and its great wildlife refuge. The types of homes that make up Laval West are more likely to be bungalow-style homes with fully finished basements. 

However, we must say that even if these homes that make up this part of the city of Laval are not as modern, they are still the pride of their owners who take great care of them. This is why many of them have preferred wood as an effective floor covering