Floor Sanding in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul

Do you want to give a new life to the flooring of your home in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul? Remember, it is possible to restore your floor to its original glory with the help of floor sanding in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul. One way to do this is to sand the floor. Increasingly popular among households that prefer wood flooring, this practice allows you to refurbish your floor without having to pay for the purchase and installation of a brand new system.

  It is essential to entrust floor sanding to real specialists to take advantage of this technique's features. Then, as the professionals we put at your disposal, you can be sure to benefit from a service that will meet your expectations. Follow us for more details on this subject. 

What is floor sanding in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul?

Simply put, floor sanding is a very delicate treatment that allows us to preserve the original state of a wooden floor. For this reason, it must be done by an expert in the field. So that you can enjoy a floor like new, aesthetic, and at the same time practical, all during a dust-free and odourless intervention. The purpose of floor sanding is to remove the varnish that protects your old floor, to sand it to remove scratches and impurities before applying varnish again for a youthful look.  

Professional sanders especially use innovative technology during a floor sanding procedure. This technology consists of using high-performance equipment that guarantees dust-free sanding as well as an ecological varnish, the choice of which depends entirely on the desired result. Remember that there are a variety of varnishes on the market. We can mention the gloss varnish, the satin varnish, the linseed oil varnish, the water varnish, etc.

Dust-free sanding because almost 98% of the dust released during sanding is sucked away. After sanding, you can make the varnish application on the floor immediately after. And to make this practice a total success, take care to follow some recommendations. Namely, if the floor is mosaic, we must do sanding in the direction of light. On the other hand, if it is a herringbone floor, you must sand in the diagonal direction of the slats.